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About Erin Humphries Ware:

Erin is an artist from the beautiful state of Georgia. While primarily painting with gouache, watercolor, and acrylic ink, she works through feelings of hopelessness and doubt back toward beauty and joy; she strives, through her work, to connect with those who are struggling similarly. Erin is currently pursuing an MA in Theological Studies, with a concentration in Christianity and the Arts, at Regent College in Vancouver, BC; she is working toward a gallery show, entitled "The Presence of Absence," to serve as her thesis.

Artist's Statement:

Following the sickness and death of my mom, after a long season of transition, disappointment, crushed hope and surprising joy, I found myself, along with my husband, at Regent College, studying theology and making new friends. In this place I have begun to heal. Through my art practice, I have been working out my grief, and working my way back to trusting a God who seemed to stand silent at all the wrong times. 

    In the series entitled “The Presence of Absence,” the empty chairs are holding space for the one who left too soon or hasn’t yet arrived. The viewer is left to decide who is not in the chair but should be. It could be God, someone who has died, someone who was never born, or someone who is very late in coming. The colors behind the chairs are an abstract representation of what is happening under the surface, in the space left by absence. It is my belief that it is what we perceive to be happening in that space that will either harden or soften our hearts. It will either make us bitter or more ready to love and care for others who are in similar situations. If we trust that there is a benevolent force of love acting on our behalf, then the space left empty can be made sacred and holy ground. It is my desire that these pieces can give recognition to and honor the suffering of the viewer, as well as inspire hope and comfort.